Outsourced Design Services

There are many reasons to consider outsourcing all or part of a chip design.

The recruitment of additional permanent staff is not always possible and takes considerable time and effort. Your existing team might not have exactly the right skills to undertake a new project, or the team is just not big enough to meet the required schedule. In addition, the use of external resources provides financial control – you only pay for extra resources for the duration of the project.

The reality of the electronics industry is that you have to innovate to survive. Companies need to develop new products and EnSilica’s outsourced design services can be a key part of making it happen. Of course, outsourcing some of your key development work can be a scary decision – that’s why it’s important you have complete trust in the company. That’s why people choose EnSilica.

We develop long-term relationships with our customers, giving them a competitive advantage in the development of their current product and the reassurance that these resources are available for future projects.

Project Management

EnSilica has the proven project management experience necessary to deliver complex semiconductor development projects within time and cost boundaries. Regular communications and project status updates are crucial to maintain schedules and give customers visibility and control in meeting project deadlines.

Business Models

  • Time and Material

    • EnSilica quote a daily rate for work
    • Typically applies to projects where EnSilica are working on-site
    • Task scope is not well defined

    Often projects might begin on a T&M basis and then migrate to a fixed price contract once the scope of the work is fully defined.

  • Fixed Price

    • EnSilica provide price to deliver an agreed package of work
    • Typically applied to larger projects with a team of EnSilica engineers
    • Usually off-site working at EnSilica Design Centre
    • EnSilica provide full project management support
  • On-Site

    • EnSilica engineers are at your premises working under your management
    • Engineers are typically embedded with customer team

    On-site support –  For some projects (e.g. where requirements are less well defined or there is a need for very close interaction with your design team) these may be better addressed by EnSilica engineers operating under your management on-site. This could be full-time, or if practical, a mixture of on-site and off-site working. Augmenting your design team to meet time-to-market requirements can provide an attractive alternative to using unproven contract staff or larger, more expensive, consultancies. EnSilica’s engineers are selected based on expertise and industry experience – customers can leverage our knowledge and rely on our reputation.

  • Off-Site

    • EnSilica team are based at one of our Design Centres
    • Well defined package of work (sub-system, verification, etc.)
    • EnSilica provide all compute hardware, EDA tools etc.

    Off-site support – Working from one of our regional Design Centres, EnSilica can provide all engineering resource, HW, EDA tools, IT systems and project management support to deliver an agreed package of work.