The Right Silicon IP

Selecting the right silicon IP is critical to the success of any IC project. EnSilica have established strong relationships with the major silicon IP providers to ensure that for every ASIC or SoC project we work with our customers to select the right IP.  Our deep technical and commercial expertise in this area ensures that all the IPs used meet the systems requirements, reduce the integration risk and accelerate the projects time-to-market.

Typical Silicon IP Integrations

  • Processors & DSPs
    – Arm, RISC-V, CEVA and Tensilica
  • Security and cryptography
  • Standards based interfaces
    – PCI Express, USB, DDR,  Ethernet, HDMI and MIPI
  • Wireless and RF
    –  Bluetooth, BLE , NFC and Wi-Fi

A selection of our IP Partners

  • Arm
  • Cadence Design Systems
  • Synopsys
  • CEVA
  • Alphawave
  • Omni Design
  • Silicon Creations
  • M31 Technology
  • Rambus

EnSilica In-House IP

To complement our third-party IP partnerships EnSilica can provide a selection of specialist and high-quality IP blocks. These IPs can be configured or customised to meet the specific requirements of our Custom ASIC and Design Services customers.


The EnSilica eSi-ADAS™ is a suite of radar accelerator IP including a complete Radar co-processor engine, they enhance the overall performance and capabilities of radar  systems for automotive, drone and UAV applications that require fast and responsive situational awareness.  Read More


EnSilica provide a comprehensive range of highly optimised encryption and authentication functionality including True Random Number Generators (TRNGs), cryptographic processing and Public Key Acceleration. These IPs offer low resource usage and high throughput.  Read More


EnSilica have developed an enviable portfolio of standards-based low-power RF and wireless IP solutions that are highly parameterised and suitable for many of the current air interface standards like Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, LTE,  DAB/DRM and DVB Read More

EnSilica’s Analog IP portfolio enables critical analog functionality to be integrated into Custom ASIC and SoC devices and leading foundry processes. The low-power, silicon-proven IP is optimized for use in a wide range of applications and can be adapted to meet custom specifications.  Read More