Analog IP

Silicon Proven Analog IP

EnSilica’s silicon proven Analog IP solutions enable its customers to be successful in dynamic and competitive markets where Analog circuitry continues to play a key role in a systems performance and capabilities.  The broad range of IP solutions on offer can be adapted to customers’ specifications reducing time-to-market and cost and where required EnSilica can work with customers on full SoC integration.

  • Silicon-proven solutions across multiple process nodes
  • Broad range of easy-to-integrate IP
  • High-performance and high-resolution
  • Low Power consumption
  • Analog IP Blocks

    • Oscillators
    • SMPSs
    • LDOs
    • Temperature Sensors
    • PLLs
    • Ultra low leakage IO Cells
    • sub-GHz Ultra low-power radio
    • BLE Radio
    • NFC Tag Front-end
    • Sensor Interfaces (inc. ADC, ECG Strip and Respiration)