Design for Manufacture

We follow a rigorous design procedure whether we are developing a simple PCB board, fully functional complex electronics for a scientific instrument or a safety critical gas analyser board for the Oil & Gas industry. Our processes ensure we manage technical risk, cost and time to deliver designs efficiently and effectively. Developments are underpinned by project management with detailed documentation and regular, strong multi-point communication. Our clients have direct access to the design engineers in the team working on the project. As an established company we have built strong internal processes for verifying, analysing and testing the designs that we produce with accreditation to ISO9001:2008.

Design for Manufacture Services

  • Feasibility Studies

    We work closely with our clients at the start of the development process to understand their goals; the end-user needs, markets, cost target, functionality and any specific manufacturing requirements. This phase allows us to share ideas, create an outline specification and obtain client approval . Our senior management, hardware and software engineers are involved from the start to ensure that all aspects of the development are considered.

  • Technical Due Diligence

    We undertake risk assessment throughout the project life cycle and particularly in detailed design stages. This phase of risk assessment is particularly important in medical device and safety critical industrial projects to ensure we develop products with regulatory standards in mind.

  • Detailed Design

    Once we have agreed the outline specification and elements within the design we will proceed to a detailed design. Our preferred tool suite is Altium Designer but we use various modern software development environments to evolve the concept into fully-specified and documented Bill of Material, sub assembly elements, PCBs and software.

  • Prototyping

    We procure the components, PCB board and have them assembled to create prototype units for test and evaluation. Our designs are tested and verified in-house through a comprehensive testing schedule agreed with the client. Design refinement may be required depending on the outcome of testing leading to a robust pre-production prototype that will be compliant and can be manufactured in volume.

  • Transfer to Manufacture

    Our ultimate goal is to design something that is fit for purpose, meets the standards and can be manufactured in a sustainable manner throughout the product Life-Cycle.

    We work with clients that have their own in-house manufacturing or have established relationships with contract manufacturing partners. Our clients are classed as the manufacturer of the product/device and they own the design that we create. We work with our clients and the chosen manufacturer(s) and the client will often complete the design files themselves as necessary to deliver a production release.

    We can oversee pilot production and, where applicable, volume production together with the round of pre compliance and formal compliance testing and verification. All of the necessary design files, documentation and test files are delivered on completion of this phase.

    We have experience of auditing and recommending new manufacturing partners. We can provide full Product Life Cycle support to resolve manufacturing issues, provide component obsolescence work around and upgrades.