Software Development

Our software team has expertise in developing applications and device drivers for a diverse range of markets including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive, including functional safety to ISO26262
  • Consumer
  • Defence
  • High level data security sectors
  • High performance computing
  • IoT, including SigFox wireless communications
  • Industrial, including functional safety to IEC61508
  • Medical, non-clinical
  • Mobile communications
  • Wireless & fixed line communications
  • Video & broadcast

Embedded Software Development Services

  • Platforms and Languages

    We are currently working with market leading System-On-Chip devices from both Altera (Cyclone V SoC) and Xilinx (Zynq). Other embedded platforms include the Ti Sitara and our own eSi-RISC.

    We offer both custom development and porting of legacy code. Supported platforms include Linux, Android, Bare-metal, Micrium uC-OS2 and other RTOS.

    • U-Boot and Linux Kernel customisation and development.
    • Embedded application development in C, C++ and assembler.
    • Embedded device driver development in C and assembler.
    • Embedded web development in HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Team

    For Embedded projects our software design engineers and hardware engineers work closely as a team. We have found working as a multi-disciplinary team is crucial to get the best out of the SoC devices in order to meet stringent targets for reliability, performance and low-power.

  • Processes

    We work to a continuous iteration model of “plan, design, implement, test” with each planned release adding functionality, stability and performance until we meet the specified requirements.

    We use the best parts of agile development and tailor them so that our software development process meets the requirements of ISO62304 as well as preparing the design and test documentation necessary for regulatory submission for CE marking.

  • Software Testing

    We are using an innovative product called Vitaq for software testing. This is a Constrained Random Testing Environment from the UK based company Vertizan.

    Using this test software we can program the ‘rules’ of an embedded target and auto-generate a large number of pseudo-random test cases to offer an extremely high level of assurance.