RF & Communications : ASIC Design and Supply

We have world-class design capabilities and experience with high speed digital interfaces, data converters and multi-GHz radio systems, including mmWave transceivers and beamformers. Our focus is around reducing the cost and power consumption of terminals and base station equipment by designing a custom ASIC targeted for your application. We also integrate ISM band communications such as Bluetooth, NFC or proprietary sub-GHz communications into a variety of IoT, Medical and Automotive SoCs. Having built your ASIC, we can then provide turnkey supply of the silicon as you ramp your production.

Comms Infrasctructure

Communications Infrastructure

EnSilica has a long history of developing communication infrastructure technology for ASIC and FPGA based products. Our experience includes high speed and low latency interfaces including Ethernet up to 100G,  Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI), PCIe and JESD204B.  Digital signal processing techniques are key in wireless cellular and satellite communication systems and we have been deploying systems since the days of 2.5G, covering physical layer processing, and Remote Radio Head (RRH).  We are currently involved in developing massive MIMO phase array beamformer solutions.

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Always On – Connectivity Anywhere

It is estimated that over a quarter of automotive use cases will require satellite connectivity by 2025, and ubiquitous, high speed connectivity will not be possible through the 4G/5G cellular network alone. Disruptive commercial grade ASIC technologies help make automotive satellite terminal beamformers affordable for the mass market.

satellite automotive

Ka-Band Transceiver: Customisable ASIC Platform

Versatile multi-channel beamforming ASIC for electronically steerable phased array antennas

The EN92030 is a versatile multi-channel, Ka-Band beamforming and transceiver ASIC platform for an electronically steerable phased array. It can be used in LEO, MEO or GEO terminals. The EN92031 and EN92032 are optimised for non-interlaced antennas. The ASIC design targets standard bulk-CMOS technology, offering high levels of integration, low power consumption, small footprint and low cost

ASIC Benefits

  • Reduced BOM
  • Increased performance
  • Lower power consumption
  • Added functionality
  • Enhanced security
  • Smaller size and weight
  • Improved IP protection
  • Improved yields
  • Reduced test and assembly costs
  • Improved Reliability

EnSilica – Simplifying Your Path to ASIC Deployment

EnSilica’s engineers live and breathe ASIC development every day and apply their in-depth knowledge to ensure that every project meets its requirements and is delivered on-time, on budget and right first-time.  Our wealth of experience combined with our Custom ASIC and full-flow ASIC Design Services enable OEMs and IC design teams to overcome the challenges in complex ASIC design, including:

  • Increasing design complexity and timescale pressure
  • Advances in silicon process capability
  • Performance, cost, and power optimisation
  • Verification complexity and coverage
  • IP selection and integration
  • New EDA tools and methodologies

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