EnSilica @ Medical Wearables 2020 – Online

Medical wearables are the next big thing. History will show that FitBit and Apple Watch are just the early primitive devices, and that the next wave of smart medical wearables will revolutionize healthcare and dramatically improve quality of life.

What are the next-generation medical wearable technologies? What are the most promising use cases and applications? What are the main challenges right now? What’s on the roadmap of the leading companies and R&D groups? These are the key questions that will drive the discussion at this annual conference.

Medical and Healthcare : ASIC Design and Supply

EnSilica is your trusted partner focused on custom safety critical ASIC design for medical and healthcare OEMs looking to deliver reliable, leading-edge solutions across a wide range of applications.

Typical Healthcare/Medical ASICs

  • Vital signs monitoring ( ECG, respiration, pulse and temperature)
  • Motion and gait monitoring and analysis
  • Hearing aids
  • Neurological sensors and stimulators
  • Lab-on chip interfaces
  • RFID and tags

EnSilica eSi-MediSense: Customisable ASIC Platform

eSi-MediSense is a customizable ASIC platform for ultra-low-power wireless vital signs and medical monitoring products. This versatile platform allows for fast time to market of medical and healthcare sensor wearables requiring sub-GHz ISM-band, BLE and/or NFC wireless connectivity. A high-performance configurable processor provides on-chip pre-processing of the sensor data with an optional machine learning accelerator providing the capability of performing AI at the edge.  Read More

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