Prototype Development

New ASIC designs can be prototyped before committing to production mask manufacture. This
can reduce overall ASIC development costs, especially for designs that include new or un-proven
IP. EnSilica have experience with a range of prototyping methods, including FPGA-based systems and
silicon multi-project-wafer (MPW) schemes offered by ASIC foundries.

  • MPW & FPGA Selection

    Our experienced team can review your prototyping requirements and recommend an approach
    to meet your needs by balancing project timescale, risk, and cost constraints. For ASIC prototyping
    EnSilica have experience with a range of different silicon MPW flows and can also source suitable
    packaging. If FPGA-based prototyping meets your needs then EnSilica can draw on our extensive
    experience in FPGA development to deliver your prototype system in a suitable form factor.

  • Package Selection

    Packaging requirements for ASIC prototypes can differ from the final production versions for various
    reasons. By working with carefully chosen suppliers EnSilica can provide custom or off-the-shelf
    prototype packaging to suit most applications.

  • Characterisation

    Prototype bring-up and validation often requires some lab-based characterisation work, especially
    where new analog IP is involved. EnSilica are able to use state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment
    to characterise your ASIC and verify correct operation across process, voltage, and temperature