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Developing safety critical ASICs for ADAS and similar automotive systems

From an article first published in Electronic Design on October 16, 2019 – Read Article

The advanced driver and safety (ADAS) systems that are making today’s cars safer and enabling the emergence of autonomous vehicles are challenging the automotive electronics industry to achieve new levels of complexity, performance, and safety. The unique demands of these applications has led to the extensive use of complex ASICs that combine digital processing, analogue, RF, and power management functions in a single silicon die. As a result, critical safety features are managed on-chip.

In this article Enrique Martinez of EnSilica, takes a look at the relevant industry standards such as ISO 26262, the current status of ADAS and autonomous systems and a detailed look at the design and organisational changes required when developing safety critical ASICs.

Read the full article at Electronic Design (English).