Case Study

Edge processor with RFID Energy Harvesting

Ultra low-power edge processor device for harvesting energy from an RFID field.  Combined with an advanced sensor in a custom package.

rfid case study
  • High performance Tensilica Vector DSP
  • Cryptographic accelerator hardware including AES,ECC,SHA512, TRNG
  • AMBA peripherals include DMA, I2C,  SPI, UART, timers
  • Embedded Flash memory
  • SRAM and OTP
  • ASIC co-packaged with external sensor IC in custom package
  • On-chip DC-DC converter working with low-cost inductor
  • Custom analog designed DC-DC, LDOs, oscillators, LED driver, PoR
  • Operating at 0.9V±10% supply
  • Two power domains with 50µA hibernate mode
  •  40 nm eFlash
  • Full control and observability for analog functions, full scan for digital, BIST for OTP, flash and RAM, boundary scan for I/O’s
  • Synopsys: DC Ultra, ICC, StarRC, Formality, PrimeTime-SI/PX
  • Cadence: Analog design flow
  • Mentor: Questa, Tessent and Calibre
  • Xilinx: FPGA based prototyping