EnSilica presenting at Semiconductor 360 Live – Online

Semiconductor360 LIVE 2021 is the first international virtual event by semiconductor360.com, for the international semiconductor community, as a flexible, quick, and quality answer for these challenging times.  The event is aimed for Europe & Israel Semiconductor industry.

EnSilica’s Director of Engineering, David Tester, talks about the steps involved in first capturing the customer requirements and distilling that down into front end design and corresponding verification requirements which can be particularly challenging when an IC has a mixture of both analog and digital circuits. He talks about some of the tools available to link these aspects together.

Custom ASIC Design and Supply

Getting started on the path to developing a custom ASIC may seem like a daunting prospect. EnSilica team lives and breathes ASIC development every day and our expertise, high-quality design methodologies and access to the latest EDA productivity tools help to ensure that our proven ASIC Development Flow delivers each ASIC project to the agreed specification, on-time and to budget.

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